methodologyAvenir Solutions provides a structured framework to our customers aimed at delivering a quality solution. Through getting multifaceted projects, we have gained enough knowledge within few years of our service and refined our business process through the blend of strong industry practices. We strive to offer the highest quality for web-related projects applying maximum performance.

Following steps are used in our Methodology:

a) Concept: A project can be only made strong and powerful if an appropriate concept is used. Concept is an appropriate blend of Content, Design, and Voice–Over forPresentaions, 2D-3D Animations, Images, and Videos…etc.

b) Content Writing: Content writing is the first and most important part of the project, as it becomes the core of the project around which the complete concept of the company and its products and services revolve. Hence getting the content correct and powerful and compact is a high task and priority job. Once the Content writing is done and approved then we move on to the second and equally important task of designing.

c) Design: Design becomes the face of the company and hence is a crucial phase of the project as it delivers the complete image of the Company. Designing in broad terms can be said as conceptualization of the content. A good design is always appreciated.

d) Execution: Once the Concept, Content and the Design are settled then comes the crucial phase of execution, wherein we need to meet the clients demand in that stipulated time limit. Considering these criteria’s, we select the best of the technologies to execute.

e) Testing and Corrections: Testing and Corrections in the project go hand in hand as these are the final and equally important stages of the project. Once the testing is done and corrections are completed the final product is delivered to the client in which ever format they prefer , like a CD ROM, a Pen Drive, Hard Disk, or uploading on the net .. etc.