Trinity Forge

Skills: A / V, Corporate Presentation, Intro Animation

An intro animation and Corporate Presentation for Trinity Forge to display their Vision Mission, Services ,Products and most importantly their Infrastructure. We were handed the complete project form the scratch and the challenge was big. We created a well crafted Content copy or simply the storyboard, did the photo and video shoot of the plant. Then we designed the complete layout for the presentation edited the images and video. Once the basic copy was ready with all the necessary inputs images and video, we complete the project first with out voice over and then to corrections as suggested by Trinity Forge. Once correction were over we then did the final voice over and then incorporated it with the presentation to give the best result.

The Add on from Trinity Forge

The Trinity guys were so happy with our results that they handed the next project immediately to make a brochure as we had the necessary images. The challenge was to accommodate the presentation CD that we had just completed, in the brochure.  We accepted the challenge and and excelled in the project with a fantastic design.

We created the brochure that would hold the presentation CD. And when the CD was removed for view purpose we had a surprise element  hidden behind the CD. This was to take care of the blank space created after the CD was removed and the surprise became the the part of the brochure. This elevated the confidence of Trinity Forge with us and we had regular projects coming in for their subsidiary companies like Arch Infra etc.