Animated Videos

Reading is boring. Your audience wants a fast, efficient, and interesting way to absorb information about your products without lifting one tired finger. This where Animated Videos comes to your rescue. According to PRWeb, did you know your website is 53 times more likely to be placed on the first page of Google when a video is displayed on your website?

At Avenir Solutions we do all the heavy lifting for you. We have a team of knowledgeable personnel seasoned with experience that helps us quickly evolve and adapt your strategy based on your concepts and the demanding needs of your brand.

Why Animated? This must be the question revolving in your mind. Why not just do filming ? Well the answer is just simple. Animation brings in interest to the prospective viewer and makes complex process or ideas simple to understand. Animated videos help brand recognition and brand recallĀ  electric. The higher the brand recall the low the advertisement cost.

An animated video presentation can be make presentation more interesting than a just a person delivering a lecture.

Following process is followed to get the best results for your Animated Videos.


Meeting – We brainstorm ideas, and understand the concept.
Script – We take your ideas and again with few meets we with our copywriter and you we come out with a script, which will become the heart of the concept you put forward.
Storyboard – Once the script is finalized, we custom design and draw a rough sketch of your video and again follow the process of meets with our vizuliares, AnimatorsĀ  finalize on the final design
Animation – The actual work of animation revolves around the script to come out with a complete picture.
Effects – Your concept comes to life with sound effects and production process to convert the animation in to a complete full fledged film